At Excalibur Los Angeles Movers, we have a series of programmes designed specifically for corporate relocations, including employee relocation services.

Our aim is to provide nothing but utter professionalism, with a service you can rely on, all at the very best prices possible.

Single Employee Services

If your company is relocating a member of staff, chances are you will be busy ensuring that their move within your business is effective. This decision will be the result of much planning and discussion, and the implementation of the move will take up more discussion in your office as the transition occurs. If you are a corporate employee looking at being relocated, you will already have plenty to think about with the new roles and responsibilities of your new position, as well as the prospect of living and working in a new area.

In short, both parties are going to be busy ironing out the agreements involved in the business aspects on this relocation. By hiring Excalibur Van Lines, the hassle and worry of employee relocation can be taken off your hands, allowing both employee and employer get to work on what they do best, as well as helping to prepare the employee for the forthcoming changes.

Although our work may be involved at the home of your employee, we appreciate the job needs to be done with speed and accuracy, to cause the least amount of delay to your employee, ensuring productivity in your business is not effected. You need your employee to be focusing on the task at hand in your business, although you will appreciate the personal stresses related to this transition. We can provide a door to door service for corporate employees, which can include packing and unpacking of items, making their relocation a simple and swift matter. Find out which of our packages can be customised to suit both you and your employee by speaking to one of our representatives today.

Complete Corporate Relocation Services

It may be you require corporate relocation services to help you and your entire staff move from one office to another. Businesses are as unique as the individuals they compromise of. We make it our priority to learn as much as we can about our domestic clients, but with corporate clients, extra attention and move management is required. It doesn’t matter whether you are moving from floor to floor, or from state to state, no matter what your relocation needs are, our team of experts are here to provide a completely custom service built entirely around your needs, and will help you make the right decisions

The more we know about your business and employees, the more assistance we can provide, helping to make that final day an easy and pleasant transition, full of the exciting promise corporate relocation involves.

We have specialists to hand nationwide who can make transferring your office as fluid as it needs to be. This will reduce the impact any downtime will have on your business. We assure you that our quick speed will not compromise the quality of our service.

To date, we have facilitated the requirements of over 2,200 corporate relocations. We have a large well trained team of professionals, equipped with the right tools and the right training, to make your corporate move manageable. We can provide a range of options to help create the right moving plan for your corporate and employee relocation. We believe in catering to whatever requirements our corporate clients have. On request, we can arrange credit agreements from our guaranteed quotes.

If your business is based in Los Angeles, you will find no better provider of corporate relocations services than Excalibur Van Lines. Speak to one of our representatives today to discuss any and all of your needs and queries.