From choosing your corporate relocation company, to receiving the final invoice, the only name you should consider for your corporate relocation services in Los Angeles is Excalibur Van Lines.

From conception to completion, your relocation will be dealt with by a team who have expertise in corporate move management. Their experience will prove to be nothing but an asset in all aspects of your business move. With over 2,200 successful corporate relocations to date, we have had experience of assisting with businesses of all shapes and sizes.

One way or another, there will be items in your office that will require special attention. This could be the complex IT system that supports the service you sell. It could be the machinery that manufactures your product. These are ‘critical systems’ that will be identified as part of our systematic service. The longer these are unavailable due to your relocation, the more your productivity suffers. Not only is speed crucial, the safe handling and transit of these systems need to be precise.

We appreciate that each business is as unique as an individual. Like people, businesses can share similarities, but no two are ever exactly the same. The best way for us to provide you with the services that you require is to get to know your business. In knowing this, as well as the specifics of your proposed relocation, we can provide you with a completely custom service.

If you are seeking to move an individual, as opposed to your entire company, we can provide several relocations packages for you to chose from. We will strive for the right solution for you and your employee. Not only do we have the right package for you at the best price going, but we also have a team of employee relocation specialists, that will assess the situation for both parties, and assist both parties as required.

We can provide an outstanding service throughout for our corporate clients. We can provide credit agreements where necessary, as well as guarantee our quotes and service quality.

If you are a corporate employee managing your own corporate move, why not contact us to help you arrange your big day? With our ability to work well with our corporate clients, our proficiency in employee relocation, and our experience in domestic moves, you can be sure you would be getting the expert service you require for what can be a very chaotic time. This will allow you to continue you performance at your current position, while preparing for the new challenges and situations awaiting you in your new job. The invoice would be sent to your employer, giving you one less thing to worry about.

No matter how your move is tied to your business, your new situation will have brought with it a torrent of stress, responsibilities and tasks. By hiring a corporate relocation company that can cater completely to your needs, you will be relieved to find so much of the stress, time and effort is simply lifted away. The help our expert team is only a phone call away, so don’t delay.