Government Moving

We are well equipped to handle the relocation requirements of government and military employees, and we take great pride and pleasure in assisting this particular sector of our clients.

We value the importance of your employment, and we also appreciate the magnitude of your move and the responsibilities involved with assisting in your relocation.

If you have the assistance of a transportations counsellor, recommend they contact us to help organise any and all of your moves.
If you are organizing your own government or military move, call one of our representatives, or contact us via this website.

The Process of Packing and Loading

Pre Move:

Our packing team will arrive in advance, on a day scheduled with you, to pack all of your items in a professional manner. We have the right tools and expertise to make the packing process a simple and speedy one.

While we pack, we will also make an inventory of your items. Once the packing has been completed, our packing team leave your home in a tidy manner, with the majority of your items ready to be transported. All items will be packed in such a way that makes unloading and unpacking just as quick and simple to do.

Move Day:

On the moving day itself, you will be presented a list, detailing the full inventory of all your items to sign. Once you have reviewed the paperwork and agree to its contents and conditions with your signature, our loaders will begin to pack your items onto our vans. Once the items have been loaded, you will be advised of the expected delivery of your items, based on the delivery date you specified.

Delivery Day:

You and your family will be expected to greet our movers at you new home on the delivery day. By being present, you will be able to monitor and supervise the unloading process. Once our team of expert movers have unpacked your items from our vehicles, our movers will then unpack as you need, helping you to settle in quickly into your new home.

By allowing Excalibur Los Angeles Movers to manage your government move, you can spend more time doing concentrating on your area of expertise, while having the peace of mind of knowing there is a team of experts taking care of your needs.

We will insure every item listed in you inventory is accounted for, and we will endeavour to ensure that all you items arrive in the condition they left your original home in.

External Information

There are plenty of sources online to help you plan your government move, and we aim to ensure you are as informed as possible.

Visit the GSA Federal Supply Service for government household goods transportation.

The SDDC website will provide information on property moves for military employees.

The PCS website provides information on a range of services for military and government employees located throughout America.

If you have any queries or questions, or wish to arrange assistance with you government move, speak to a member of Excalibur Van Lines today.