Whether it’s the first time you are moving home, or the tenth time, moving to your new property can be an exciting, but somewhat stressful experience. After all, there is a lot to organise. The packing, the labelling, the loading, the driving, the unloading… the list goes on! Not to mention transferring all of your home’s services and utilities, possibly looking for new schools, and so on. There’s a lot to be arranged, and the experience can feel a little overwhelming. Finding the time to do all of this, around your job and other responsibilities can be difficult.

Sometimes, no matter how much your friends and family may want to help, they may not always be able to fit around your tight and busy schedule. You may have trouble finding enough hands to help out. All too often, people you thought you could rely on let you down at the very last moment. The chances are your recruited friends will prove to be more of a hindrance than a help. Your clumsy (but loveable) friend will be the one to hone in on your most valuable and treasured item, like a moth to the flame. Before you know it, your great aunt’s mirror is smashed into several different pieces. Not exactly the luck you were looking for on your moving day.

Avoid the hassle involved with organising and delegating tasks to recruited friends, and instead, hire Excalibur Los Angeles Movers, the household movers you can trust. Why risk all the frustrations and anxiety caused by entrusting your items with untrained friends? Instead, give the task to the professionals, who have the right experience, tools and training to get the job done right. By hiring a trained and experienced moving company you can be sure that all your items will enter your new home in the exact condition they left your old home in. Your move day is one day and one day only, and you won’t have time for mistakes. Make sure you don’t have to deal with any by calling Excalibur Los Angeles Movers today.

If you require assistance with packing your items to get ready for transport, than look no further. We can provide all of the packing materials you need if you intend to pack your own items; however, we can also provide a customised packing service to suit your needs. Packing alone is a very time consuming process, but some extra hands, along with proper packing know how, can make the world of difference. With our packing materials and service, you can be completely confident that there will be no accidental breakages or scratches to any of your possessions during your move. For more information on our packing products and services, please see our relevant links.

Don’t risk potential damage to your possessions by cramming them into the back of a friend’s car. This could prove quite costly if you have a lot of items to move, and impractical if you have large units, like kitchen appliances and furniture to move. In one simple call, you can hire a vehicle to accommodate all of your possessions, and the right team to make your move easy and efficient. By hiring Excalibur Los Angeles Movers, a professional moving company you can trust, you are ensuring the safe and successful transport of all your items from A to B with minimal fuss.

It doesn’t matter how far apart A and B might be, or how small and big your moving needs are. By providing us with a full brief of your moving requirements, we can provide a customised moving package that will more than meet your satisfaction in every aspect. With your hands free of all the responsibilities, you can enjoy the day for what it is; a new beginning. We have over 6 years of experience of moving households of all shapes and sizes, and we have successfully met the needs of thousands of clients. Whether you need complete support for your big day, or just a little bit of assistance, Excalibur Van Lines is here to help out with anything you need. Our service is superior from the start. From the first phone call and free quote, to the last wave goodbye from our moving team, we are here to help you. Make that first call, and see just how much we can help you, and for how little!