Packing Services

You’ve visited several properties, spent time reviewing each of them, weighed up the pros and cons for all your potentials, you’ve filled out paperwork until your wrists are sore; and just when you think the stress might be starting to ease up with your relocation, you realise, you’ve got to pack everything yet!

Packing is one of the most laborious tasks involved in your relocation. It can be time consuming, but, done properly, the job can be quick and easy.

Excalibur Los Angeles Movers has everything you need to help you get packed up ready for the big day. Whether you need some packing materials, or a few pairs of professional hands, Excalibur Van Lines are here to help you get going, and on your way to your new home.

The Right Packing Plan for you

Knowing where to start is often the hardest part for people beginning to pack. The task seems so vast at first it’s difficult to know how to actually go about it, without it becoming organized chaos.

If the prospect of packing and planning your move is overwhelming, use our Moving Checklist to help plan a timeline and action plan for your relocation. This will help put everything into perspective, and help you feel that your move is a more manageable process, in all aspects, as well as packing.

Before you pack a single thing, you need to look at ways of getting unwanted items out of the home. Money and time can be wasted packing items you don’t want, in your current or your new home. Many of these items can be sold on, actually making you money, rather than wasting it. This is particularly important for those who are organizing long distance relocation.

Ask Yourself The Following

To help you decide what the best packing options are for you, ask yourself some serious questions:

Do you want to pack? Have you got time to pack everything up?

You may have every good intention in the world to do the job yourself (or not, some of us are simply not kidders, and find no pleasure whatsoever in boxing things up), but ask yourself realistically, do you have time? Check your diary from now until your move day, and work out if you really do have the time to pack everything in your house up. Remember, the job needs to be a good one; poor packing increases the risk of damage during transit.

If you don’t think you’re going to have time, Excalibur Los Angeles Movers can provide full or partial packing services, suited around you. Speak to a member of our team to arrange any help you need.

Do you have the tools to pack everything up, and move them safely to be transported?

You will need plenty of strong boxes to hand, as well as other packing materials, such as bubble wrap, packing paper and tape. As well as stocking standard items like these on all of our vehicles, we also carry a range of clever storage tools, which speeds up the process of transit, and ensures the safety of all your items, from heavy goods, to fragile china.

Check out our range of packing supplies online, and speak to us about ordering materials for your move, and find out about the free packing supplies we will provide on your move day.

DIY Moving

Many people choose to simply buy the materials, and get friends and family to help pack up everything, and there’s nothing wrong with this method. Just make sure you have the right supplies, as well as the right advice and tips, to make sure all of your items can get from A to B in one piece!

Visit our Packing Guide for full and detailed information on how to pack all of your household items, as well as how to pack systematically, ensuring that unpacking is as simple and efficient as the packing process. You’d be surprised how much difference a bit of planning makes to your packing, so be sure to get informed.

Whether you need help packing up, or even unpacking, Excalibur Los Angeles has the experience, the expertise, and the efficiency the job requires, and can provide all the assistance you need at a price you can afford.