Below you will find a detailed list of necessary steps that you will need to take, with our help, to successfully accomplish your move overseas.

International Move Planning: it is always very important to create a detailed plan for important events and moving overseas is definitely requires a lot of planning and preparation. Good news is you don’t have to do it yourself; we will be with you every step of the way to make sure your international moving experience is pleasant and stress free.

International Moving Quote: before you start looking for an international mover, you should decide for yourself how much money you can afford to spend and what services would you need. Our estimate specialist will come to visit you and inspect your residence. We are very flexible with our moving estimates, you are free to use or decline any additional services that we have to offer. For example: if you want us to pack the entire house we will be happy to help you, but if you feel like doing it yourself, we won’t stay on your way.

Packing Before Moving: as stated above, you can choose to pack yourself. Our professional packers are qualified and experienced workers. They will come fully equipped with moving boxes and packing materials to prepare your shipment for safe and easy international relocation.

Valuable Items: Our experienced movers take extra care of every valuable item that you plan to ship. They keep records of high-value items and place protective, do-not-break tape seal on the boxes to provide extra security.

Loading your shipment:When your movers finished packing, they will start loading boxes and furniture in the trucks. Depending on the amount and weight of the items, they may load everything in the trucks first and then reload your shipment into steel ocean containers designed for overseas shipping.

Delivery to local Port:We deliver your belongings to the local port of departure.

Air or Sea:At the local port our movers place your container on the ship or airplane for overseas transportation.

Customs:Upon the arrival to the final destination your shipment container is verified by the foreign customs representative and approved for entrance to the country. Excalibur Van Lines agent will take it from here.

Delivery:Our agent delivers your belongings to your new home or storage if you are not ready for delivery.