Moving Date

As your moving day approaches, there’ll be a number of things that require your attention.

Look at our Planning Guide and Moving Checklist for help getting prepared for the big day. Many people panic at the prospect of relocation, but you don’t need to. All the advice and assistance you need to make your move a simple and easy one is right here with Excalibur Los Angeles Movers. Those two pages alone provide a wealth of information, and will be more than enough to get you going. If you have any query about your relocation that you can’t find the answer to on this site, just call, and get a direct answer from a member of our team.

Packing Up Your Items

Pack yourself, pay to pack, pack yourself, pay to pack… if it’s nearly move date, and you’re still not packed up, don’t hesitate any longer, and call in an efficient and professional moving service. The price will be much more affordable than you think, and packing on your own could take longer than you plan. Call one of our representatives to get help getting your items packed up, or to order the right materials to do it yourself.

Finish off the Fridge

Reduce the amount of food you buy, starting four weeks prior to your move date. Try to reduce your menu, using fewer ingredients, making you less likely to accumulate waste food. Find out if these’s food that’s been lingering in your freezer since forever; if you’re not going to eat it, bin it. Try not to be too wasteful, and instead see if you can ‘recycle’ any unwanted food, by giving it to neighbours, friends and family.

The Night Before Your Move

Your mind will be running 100 miles a minute when really you need to be calm and ready for the big day. Save yourself the hassle of clearing away and washing up, and de-stress with a family meal out. Good food (and one or two of your favourite drinks) will set you up for a relatively early night (and will save the hassle of packing up those last minute dishes). Get to bed, and try to get a good 8 hours rest.

Morning of Move Day

Get up early, or at the very least, on time. Today is not the day to have a bed head. Grab yourself a good but quick breakfast (couple of rounds of toast should see you through). Go through every room, and make sure everything that can be is packed away. When our team of movers arrives, they will assist with any last minute packing, and will have storage items just in case you’re completely out.

Grab yourself a take out lunch. Don’t get anything to heavy, chances are, the day is far from done by lunchtime, even with a local move.

When your movers arrive at your new property, they will unpack the boxes, and put them in the appropriate rooms. You won’t need to assist our movers with the loading and unloading, and if you put notes on the doors of rooms as to which area they are, you won’t even have to spend that much time with us as we unpack your items into your new home.

Check Your Personal Belongings

There are certain things you will need to have upon your person at all times. These include your keys and documents, your cell phone, laptop, and any jewellery. Once the movers have everything boxed up, give your old home one last sweep throughout, and make sure there is nothing you’re leaving behind.

Whether you’re someone who enjoys the self fulfilment of packing alone, and just need some materials and tips, or if you need someone to take the whole stressful situation off your hands, Excalibur Los Angeles Movers are here to help you with anything you need or want. Use the resources on this site to help you plan for your relocation.