Antiques and Fine Art Moving

Antiquity collecting is something for only the knowledgeable and the experienced, and moving antiques and fine art should be handled with the same amount of care and precision that you treat your antiques to.

Moving antiques and fine art can be a nerve racking process, but it doesn’t have to be. With Excalibur Los Angeles Movers, you will be hiring a reliable and trustworthy moving services provider, with accumulated experience in every field of relocation.

Whether you have your own equivalent of a fine gallery collection or you have one priceless piece that has lasted for generations; no matter what kind of antiques, or how old they may be, we have the right tools and team to cater for the very specific needs of older furniture and fine art.

Climate Control and Quality Checks

Our vehicles come equipped with specialized controls that allow us to monitor and change the temperature, pressure and humidity of the vehicle while it transports you items. If you have antiques that require climate control conditions, please just speak to a member of our team, who will introduce you to an Excalibur Antiques Specialist.

Even extreme conditions will not prevent us form delivering your items on time and in the exact condition they left in.

Our vehicles come equipped with air suspension and power lifts, to ensure we can move any and all of your items.

Orientated Around Attention to Detail

There’s only one reason why your antiques are in the fine condition they are in, and that’s your meticulous attention to detail when it comes to their care.

You should demand the same amount of attention to detail and due care to be paid by a professional antiquity moving service, and Excalibur Van Lines will endeavour to exceed your expectations.

Arranging your antique and fine art moving through Excalibur Los Angeles Movers will see you get a team of experienced antique movers, led and managed by an Excalibur Antiques Specialist. The specialist will oversee any special requirements and care your antiques and fine art require.

We hire only the very best and most experienced antiquity movers, looking for people with at least a decade’s worth of experience in handling and dealing with art and antiquities.

We also carry out a thorough background check on every single new employee, as well as carry out audits, quality standards check, and random alcohol and substance tests as mandatory.

You have to rely on the quality of our people, and to ensure you always get the very best team for your relocation, we carry out constant internal checks to ensure our standards are not only set, but they are met, with every single client.

Make sure you hire a moving service that values you antiques and fine art as much as you do, and call Excalibur Los Angeles Movers today!