Store Fixtures and Moving

Whether it is the grand opening of your first store and business, or the relocation to an upgraded commercial property, whatever your store relocation needs, Excalibur Los Angeles Movers are the team of professionals you need to make sure your new store starts without a hitch.

Moving forward for businesses has been tough in 2009, but if your business has survived well, or even grown during the recession, you know now is the time to be snapping up great store rental deals.

A new store can create a lot of buzz, both internally and with consumers. Find and use a moving service that can keep their heads even if those around them are losing theirs. As a business owner, you will have enough to deal with in your commercial relocation, without having to actually physically pack and move the contents of your current store. Make sure you get the hands on experience you need to get the job done right first time, every time.

Talking of Timing

The opening of you new store will be part of one grand plan to launch your business, and it’s important that the timing of your plan is followed throughout for your new store be as effective as you hoped, and to really make the most out of those potential profits. You’ve probably advertised your opening, and its important things happen on time, so as not to compromise the effectiveness of your new store launch.

Time is, after all, money, and it’s important your time is used to the full. Every hour you waste packing and planning for your store relocation means another area elsewhere is likely to be affected, and this could be costly. You’ll know, as a business professional that people should stick to their specialist field in order for a job to be done properly. Stick to what you do best, and hire Excalibur Van Lines to do what they do best.

Making Downtime no Time at all

Any downtime to you and your company is going to cost you, and our team of experts will work closely with you to plan your store relocation. The size of your store will obviously effect your downtime, but with most stores, Excalibur are able to get you up and running again within 48 hours of the moving process, ensuring you suffer next to no downtime at all through your store relocation.

Think it Through

Before you dismiss the service Excalibur Van Lines could provide, ask yourself honestly how long you think it will take to dismantle, pack and move your store, as well as the time needed to unpack and prepare your products for the new store. It could take days, even weeks, for some, causing no end of disruption and lost sales.

Will you have the tools, as well as the time, to facilitate your store move?

Don’ think up excuses, and call Excalibur, and be certain your new store opening will go exactly to plan, if not better than planned! Get help with planning, not just packing, to really make sure your new store gets a great start.

Whether you’re a small shop, or part of a national commercial chain, no matter what size your store is, no matter how far your new store may be, Excalibur Los Angeles Movers will do anything and everything they can to make your new store start successfully.